GRE Participating Institutes

GRE Participating Institutes 2016: GRE is an international standardised test taken for admission to postgraduate courses in USA, Canada and Australia among many other countries. GRE scores are accepted by thousands of GRE 2016 participating institutes in the World. In fact, according to the Educational Testing Service, the exam conducting authority of GRE, currently around 1200 business schools across the World accept GRE scores.

Given the vast list of GRE participating institutes 2016 even the number of GRE taking candidates has increased over the years. In the testing year ending June 2015, the total number of Global GRE test takers rose to 544,808 from 542,468. Interestingly, thenumber increased the most for business schools which are GRE Participating Institutes 2016. The number of GRE takers aiming for business studies grew by more than 9% over the previous testing year, and almost doubled since the testing year ending June 30, 2012.

Besides, the conventional courses like MS and MBA, GRE is also accepted for admission to many unconventional courses like Engineering management, MIS and so on. Most of these courses are tailor made for students who want to learn the managerial aspects of their work while still sticking to the technical knowledge.

You Can download the list of GRE participating institutes 2016 across all countries from the bottom of the page:

The list includes the updated group of GRE 2016 participating institutes across all countries in the World.

ETS also publishes a separate list of institutes which accept GRE scores for admission to their business schools.

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Aspirants can click on the drop down menu to select the country where they want to study and find the GRE Participating Institutes 2016. GRE being especially accepted in US universities, the country has the highest number of GRE 2016 Participating Institutes and business schools accepting GRE scores. USA is followed by countries like Canada and Australia with GRE Participating Institutes.

Different GRE Participating Institutes 2016 have different GRE cut offs for their various courses. The selection procedure of GRE depends on the cut off for a particular programme like Computer science, Economics or Engineering Management.