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Performance Management

The challenge: Benchmarking goals and tracking performance is critical to employee performance and business success. Many large organizations have standardized tracking processes. However, I’ve found that small and medium-sized businesses often default to informal and infrequent conversations that occur after an employee has missed a performance benchmark. Sometimes, the company may not even have formalized benchmarks, making it difficult to objectively assess employee performance and determine who needs additional training or support. What if a manager could be alerted to take corrective action earlier and help the employee get back on track? Doing so could minimize potential loss and improve outcomes — a win-win-win for employees, their managers and the company.

The automation solution: An automated, structured process takes the guesswork out of performance evaluation. For example, at Lucas Group, we track quarterly goals for employees using a software platform that notifies managers when an employee is in danger of missing a milestone. Employees know what they need to do to be successful and, from their dashboard, can instantly see a visual overview of their progress. Managers can better provide extra support when employees need a course correction, and offer greater autonomy when it’s clear employees are on track to succeed.