Master in Recruitment

Master in Recruitment

INR 55000/-

Key Deliverable:

  1. Establishes the student as a reliable brand in HR with proven skills and a showcase of projects.

  2. Earn stipend from INR 7500 to INR 15000 from 1st Month

  3. Earn one year of Experience certificate at the end of the program

  4. Learn Digital & Technical Skills involved in delivery of recruitment process.

Frequently Asked questions

Is it work from home opportunity?

Yes, it is purely work from home opportunity only.

What would be the timing of working?

The Timing of working is as per regular working hours. i.e, 9:30 AM to 6 PM.

Do you get an offer letter for the same?

Yes, all the candidates get an offer letter and experience letter for the same?

Do we get an experience letter as well?

Yes all the interns who have worked for more than 3 months would be given experience letter.

Is it fixed payment or variable payment?

The initial payment is variable payment and once the candidate acquires the Master in Recruitment Certificate, the student is given the opportunity of placement with other companies, where they get fixed pay.

What kind of positions would we be working on

You would be placed on different industries as per your interest and knowledge. namely IT, Banking, Retail, Finance etc You will get a better idea on

Is there any time duration for the internship?

Minimum time duration is of 3 months and maximum 1 year

Is the internship compulsory?

Internship is not compulsory if you already have experience in recruitment. But if you are a fresher and then it is mandatory.

When are the batches starting?

Batches start every month

How is the fee payable?

INR 55000 is payable in 2 installments of INR 27500 at the time of enrollment and the second installment after 30 days.