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Course Details

  • Management of Human Resources (Compulsory) Management

  • Social Processes and Behavioural Issues (PGDHRM)

  • Human Resource Development

  • Human Resource Planning

  • Industrial Relations

  • Managing Change in Organisations

  • Organisational Dynamics

  • Compensation and Rewards Management

  • labour Laws

  • International Human Resource Management

Master in Recruitment Technologies

  • Understanding Industries

  1. Understanding Functions

  2. The Art of Writing CV

  3. The Art of Reading CV

  4. The Art of Interviewing

  5. Trending Technologies in Recruitment

  6. Digital Channels of Recruitment

  7. The Art of Job Advertisement

  8. The Art of Salary Negotiation

  9. Employee Verification Process

  10. Building Yourself as a brand.

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PG Diploma in HR & Master in Recruitment technologies