Why your next job interview will be with a robot 

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“Why your next job interview will be with a robot.”

“Coming to a cubicle near you: robot co-workers.”

These are the sort of attention-grabbing headlines that spark panic in job seekers and HR professionals alike. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), are we all just one robot away from being out of a job? Probably not — although there’s no doubt we’re heading toward a more automated future and a transformed workplace. HR needs to stay ahead of this curve, which can be done by leveraging automation to streamline tactical tasks and free up time for big-picture, strategic thinking.

Automation offers benefits beyond payroll and time tracking. Consider the time-intensive, repetitive tasks your HR team routinely performs. Where can you leverage technology solutions to remove redundancy, minimize human error and improve outcomes? As your company builds its business strategy for 2020, these are three places to start.