The objective of this course is to help humans identify their strength and then help them build and unleash this Strength for creating a better world. 

Chapter 1. Realizing that You will get what you want. So be clear about your objective. 

Chapter 2. Build the strength to remain determined and focused on your objective. 

Chapter 3. Know the 3 components which are the base of success and know how to build these components.

Chapter 4: Know the 3 Components which pull a successful person down and know how to conquer them?

Chapter 5: Know 3 Components which will keep your ship of life stable and steady and know how to build yourself around them.

Chapter 6: Know that one significant factor that has the power to change everything in this world. And how to compund that unique differentiator?

Chapter 7: How to garner the strength to walk on the learning shared in this course.

Chapter 8: Check on Your Final Progress 

Chapter 1. You Will Get what you Want

Know 3 components