• EVALUATION The evaluation system of the programme is based on two components: a) Continuous evaluation in the form of assignments (weightage : 30%) This component carries a weightage of 30%. There will be one graded assignment per course. The assignment is to be submitted to the Co-ordinator of the Study Centre to which the student is assigned or attached with. b) Term-end examination (weightage : 70%) Term-end exams will be held twice every year in the months of June and December. The students are at liberty to appear in any of the examinations conducted by the University during the year. A student will be allowed to appear in the Term-End Examination, only after s/he has registered for that course and submitted the assignment. For appearing in the Examination, every student has to submit an Examination form through on-line before the due dates as given in the schedule of operations. If a student misses any term-end examination of a course for any reason, s/he may appear for any of them or all the courses subject to the maximum of 8 courses in the subsequent term-end examinations. This facility will be available until a student secures the minimum pass grade in the courses but up to a maximum period of four semesters, since the date of registration of the course is valid for four semesters. Beyond this period s/he may continue for another four semesters by getting Re-registration by paying fee again. In that case, the score of qualified assignments and/or term-end examination will be retained and the student will be required to complete the left out requirements of such re-registered courses. The following components will comprise the term-end examination for each course: * Analytical and conceptual comprehension through essay type questions. * Cases or problem solving exercises. Letter grade system is used for grading continuous and term-end examination components. These letter grades are: A = Excellent B = Very Good C = Good D = Satisfactory E = Unsatisfactory For successfully qualifying a course, a student will have to obtain at least ‘D’ Grade in both continuous and term-end examinations. However, the overall average should be at least ‘C’ grade for the successful completion of a course. Following is the system of converting the overall letter grades to percentage equivalents. A = 80% and Above B = 60% to 79.9% C = 50% to 59.9% D = 40% to 49.9% E = Below 40% Modalities of submission of assignments and appearing in term-end examinations are given in Appendix 6. 18

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  • MIGRATION CERTIFICATE For Migration Certificate, requisition may be sent to the Regional Director alongwith the following documents: 1) Application Form (can be obtained from the Head Office or photocopy of the one given in programme guide could be used). 2) Self-attested copy of the Grade card and Provisional certificate. 3) Fee of `500/- in the form of demand draft drawn in favour of IGNOU payable at the city where Regional Centre is located.