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  • COURSE MATERIAL Learning materials are prepared for the courses by teams of experts drawn from conventional universities, management institutions and professionals from all over the country and in-house faculty. These materials are edited by the content experts and language experts at IGNOU before they are finally sent to the press. Similarly, audio and video programmes are produced in consultation with the course writers, in-house faculty and producers. These materials are previewed and reviewed by the faculty as well as outside experts and edited or modified wherever necessary before they are despatched to the Study Centres and Doordarshan.


IGNOU has established a number of study centres throughout the country. Study Centres provide counselling facilities at periodic intervals, act as information centres, and as examination centres. Currently 378 study centres provide counselling facilities for the Management Programme. Study Centres also have a basic library of management books for reference purposes. Each student is assigned to a study centre where s/he also submit assignments to the study centre coordinator.


The methodology of instruction in this University is different from that of the conventional Universities. The Open University System is more learner-oriented and the learner is an active participant in the teaching-learning process. Most of the instruction is imparted through distance, rather than face-to-face communication. The University follows a multi-media approach for instruction. It comprises :

a) Print Material :

The printed material of the programme is supplied to the students in batches of blocks for every course. A block which comes in the form of a booklet generally comprises 3 to 5 units. 7

b) Audio-Visual Material Aids :

The learning package contains audio and video programmes which have been produced by the University for better clarification and enhancement of understanding of the course material given to the student. A video programme is normally of 25-30 minutes’ duration. The audio programmes are run and video programmes are screened at the study centres during the hours of the counselling session. The video programmes of Management Studies are telecast on DD (National) on Monday at 6.00 am. Some of the selected stations of All India Radio also broadcast the audio programmes. Students can confirm the broadcast schedule for the programmes from their study centres. The information is also provided on the University website.

c) Counselling Sessions :

Normally, counselling sessions are held as per a schedule drawn before hand by the Study Centre Coordinator. They are held on weekends, i.e., Saturday and Sunday. There are 6 counselling sessions of 2½ hour duration for each course in face to face mode. Additionally the University conducts live phone-in-programmes through various stations of All India Radio. Schedule of these phone-in-programmes would be available at study centres. Live teleconferencing sessions are also conducted via satelite through interactive TV channel.

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Credit system

The University follows the ‘Credit System’ for most of its programmes. Each credit amounts to 30 hours of study comprising all learning activities. Thus, a six credit course involves 180 hours of study. All management courses are six credit courses except the project course which is of 12 credits. This helps the student to understand the academic effort one has to put in, in order to successfully complete a course. Completion of an academic programme (Degree, Diploma or Certificate) requires successful clearing of both, the assignments and the term end examination of each course in a programme.