MKCL- Mobile App Development

 Have you ever thought of creating your own mobile app?

If yes, then join us in the adventurous journey of creating an app of your own using android.

Android is an open source platform, with no up-front fees, and developers enjoy many benefits over other competing platforms. Android is being positioned to address the growing needs of the mobile marketplace. This course is intended for those who have interest in programming. Prior programming experience will definitely be an advantage, though it is not mandatory.

This course includes: 

₹ 5000/-

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What you'll learn ?

This course covers various components of an Android application, event handling in Android, basics of Java, graphics and multimedia support in Android and demonstration of various popular apps using a simple-to-understand method. After this course, you will be able to create apps of your own and even can work as a freelancer.

After completing this course, you will get to know various Career Opportunities like:


Academic Approach

The course focuses on practical knowledge and application. The aim is to make the learner efficient and to offer him or her rewarding career.

Learning Methodology


About Android and Android Apps 

Android Apps

 • In-Built Applications 

 • Applications by Google

 • Social Networking Applications

 • Types of Applications

 • Paid and Free Apps

 • Google Model

 • Prerequisites

 • Android Environment Setup

 • Downloading JDK

 • Setting Path of JDK

 • Installation of Android Studio in Mac, Linux and Windows

 • Setting up ADT Plug In

 • Creating First Android Application

 • Creation of App

 • Android Studio Vs Eclipse 

Java Setup and Program structure

Control Statements and Program flow

Object-Oriented Programming in Java


Advanced Android Features

Using Maps and Geolocation

Processing with JSON Data

SQLite and WebView

Creating Custom User Interface

Advanced example of Android

Evaluation Pattern of KLiC Courses consists of 4 Sections as per below table:

      Total Marks Minimum Passing Marks

Learning Progression 25 10

Internal Assessment 25       10

Final Online Examination 50 20

Total   100     40

SUPWs (Socially Useful and Productive Work in form of Assignments), 5 Assignments, 2 Assignments to be Completed & Uploaded 

YCMOU Mark Sheet

Printed Mark Sheet will be issued by YCMOU on successful completion of Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3 and will be delivered to the learner by MKCL.

YCMOU Mark Sheet will be available only for Maharashtra jurisdiction learners. 

MKCL's KLiC Certificate

The certificate will be provided to the learner who will satisfy the below criteria: