2.2 Google Analysis Tactics

  • Describe segmentation and why it is an important technique for good analysis
  • Understand the importance of using internal and external benchmarks to add context to your data

Core analysis techniques


Segmentation allows you to isolate and analyze subsets of your data. For example, you might segment your data by marketing channel so that you can see which channel is responsible for an increase in purchases. Drilling down to look at segments of your data helps you understand what caused a change to your aggregated data.


  • You can segment your data by date and time, to compare how users who visit your site on certain days of the week or certain hours of the day behave differently.
  • You can segment your data by device to compare user performance on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • You can segment by marketing channel to compare the difference in performance for various marketing activities.
  • You can segment by geography to determine which countries, regions or cities perform the best.
  • And you can segment by customer characteristics, like repeat customers vs. first-time customers, to help you understand what drives users to become loyal customers.