YouTube Analytics Training 1

Lesson: How is my channel doing?

How do you know if your videos are doing well? YouTube Analytics can help unlock your path to success.

Grow a healthy channel

YouTube Analytics is like a control panel that can give you both a bird’s eye view of what’s working on your channel and disclose deeper insights that have been shown to be vital for your channel’s growth. Not sure where to begin? Consider focusing first on a few key statistics (that interest you) like views, watch time or subscribers. Do the trend lines go up? Are the numbers what you expect? Try reviewing just a couple of reports first to gauge if you’re on course, then dive deeper to see how easy changes to your channel can help move you closer towards a goal.

Why your viewers matter

If you want to grow a channel on YouTube, getting an audience to watch your videos is critical. When you can hone in on what your viewers love and hook them in so they want to come back and watch more, you may see increases in watch time. A loyal community of viewers may also help promote your videos to new viewers through their own social networks, and give you instant feedback on what they do and don’t like. It takes time to build up these relationships, but it can be rewarding as your channel grows.

Your four key questions answered

Curious on how you can measure success with YouTube Analytics? Here are a few key questions to get you started.