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Internship Paid PGDHR

The only program in the country which comes inbuilt with internship Stipend offer from day 1, making your program absolutely free. 

What is the Objective of this Program?

It has been observed that regular MBA programs fail to deliver as per the expectations of the industry and the students are found lacking on the skills when they join the industry.

Where as our students are prepared in such a way that they are ready to deliver candidates from the day 1 of joining the industry. They are prepared on the skills by practically working on live industry assignments in collabration with the Industry. 

So the objective is to prepare ready to deliver students to the industry.

How does it work?

The students are placed on internship assignments from day 1 of joining the program, where in they practically learn the skill of HR i.e, recruitment, payroll management, performance management, training and development and they get paid for the same as well.

What is the range of the stipend payment?

The stipend can range from INR 5000 to INR 25000, depending on the company where the students are placed.

when are the classes held?

The theory classes are delivered on Sundays. 

Who offers the PGDHR Certificate?

The certificate is offered by Tata Institute of Social Sciences School of Vocational Education. TISS is a leading Government University based at Mumbai.

What is the role of Eduroof?

Eduroof is the website of Chander Prabha Education Society, who are the training partners of Tata Institute of Social Sciences SVE. 

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