TISS PGDHRA Students Project Submission List 2016

Please find a list of projects that needs to be submitted by the TISS SVE PGDHR students to gain marks for the project part of the course.

Each student needs to do one project in each semester. There shall be a viva at the end of each semester along with review of the project report submitted.

Project List

Semester 1

(Any 1 project from Recruitment OR Payroll)

1. Recruitment Management

a) CV Shortlisting

i. Write a detailed job description for a role in your company.

ii. Print-out random profiles (15 of them) with similar experience & qualification

iii. Shortlist 5 profiles giving reasons for each.

iv. Also state reasons why the remaining 15 were not shortlisted.

b) Newspaper Advertisement

i. What does an advertisement mean

ii. its characteristics

iii. What are its pros and cons?

c) Recruitment Consultants

i. How do they identify potential applicants attract them and place them?

d) Interview Process

i. Write a detailed job description of a role in your company.

ii. List out the competencies (with definitions/levels) required for the role.

iii. Plan & conduct a structured interview for the role (mock interview)

iv. Record the interview and make a detailed report of the assessment of the competencies measured.

2. Compensation & Payroll Management

a) Salary structure

i. Consider three positions in your company, Field sales Executive (CTC 3 Lacs), Manager HR (CTC 10 Lacs ) and Chief Operating Officer(CTC 40 Lacs).

ii. Find out the salary break-up for people of this salary in your company

iii. Create a ideal salary break-up for each of them to maximize salary, also to maximize net take home.

iv. Assume & List out all the exemptions that can be availed by the COO to minimize her tax outgo.

b) Understanding a payroll process of any Organisation

i. The Project Trainee has to be in a Company and study the different aspects of Payroll

ii. Visit various departments like HR, Time Office, Accounts and other departments to study different stages of Payroll

iii. Then understand the roll of IT and Software in processing the payroll

c) Employee Compensation and Taxation- Direct and Indirect Taxes

i. Understanding different components of Compensation

ii. Components taxable under Direct Taxation

iii. Components taxable under Fringe Benefit Taxes

iv. Presenting examples as to how we calculate taxes

d) Understanding the process of Collective Bargaining in any Manufacturing organization.

i. To meet the Union and understand how they down the demands every three years

ii. Studying the Process of handling the Charter of Demands and Negotiations by the Industrial Relations Department

Semester 2

(Any 1 project from PMS OR Admin OR T & D)

3. Performance Management System

a) Analyse a Firm’s quarterly performance from the Balance Scorecard point of View.

b) Performance Evaluation: Source at least 3 different performance appraisal forms from companies and analyse them

c) Identify 3 different jobs from a particular industry and write down what are their key result areas.

4. Administration Management

a) Visit any 1 of the following organizations,

- Government Organization

- Private Organization

- Educational Institute (School / College)

i. Check all the parameters given in the book in the respective organizations and give your Feedback.

5. Training & Development

a) Identify a training need and design a comprehensive session plan for the same.

b) For a training program that has been delivered, conduct a training evaluation for the program to assess if training objectives were met.

c) Source and evaluate training calendars of at least 5 different organisations. Identify strengths and weakness of each calendar.