TISS SVE PGDHR Student Assessment

As you are aware that, for PG Diploma course students have to compulsorily fill the OJT book based on the work they do.

There are some Learning outcomes for each course which need to be fulfilled. Please find below the list of Learning Outcomes for PG HR

PG Diploma HR & Admin- Practical Learning Outcomes

Learning Objectives:

    1. Write an appropriate Job description & Job specification
    2. Plan the process of recruitment based on the manpower need
    3. Use online tools to post jobs
    4. Apply the appropriate selection methods for different job roles at different levels
    5. Shortlist resumes & conduct interviews
    6. Make an effective head hunting call
    7. Conduct salary negotiations with candidates
    8. Carry out joining formalities & induction process
    9. Describe an organisational structure looking at the organogram
    10. List out and define the various components of a salary structure
    11. Design an appropriate salary structure for a given CTC amount for a specific role
    12. Set –up the payroll process with necessary checks and balances
    13. Correctly collect and record attendance for the purpose of payroll management
    14. Process monthly payroll and also generate the required reports, MIS and file correct & timely returns.
    15. Provide resolution to payroll related queries/issues
    16. Prepare an accurate full & final settlement for separated employees
    17. Design executive compensation appropriate to various positions and as per company policy
    18. Conduct salary negotiations and collective bargaining
    19. Identify the current tend sin compensation & benefits.
    20. To maintain records of compensation, organizational reporting structures, employee KRAs and performance parameters
    21. To provide feedback to employees regarding their performance
    22. Be able to align rewards to performance.
    23. Be able to handle employee grievances.
    24. Be able to be a listening post for the organisation and take action to keep employees meaningfully engaged.
    25. Be able to appoint and monitor vendors for security & facility management.
    26. Will be able to understand & negotiate terms of contracts with various vendors
    27. Be able to mange cost effective concierge service to the company staff
    28. Generate the returns for statutory compliances & assist in conduct of audits
    29. Will be able to account for and maintain all fixed assets of the office/organisation
    30. Will be able to maintain books of records
    31. Will be able to track and schedule events
    32. Administer & analyse a learning style inventory
    33. Conduct a training need analysis
    34. Write appropriate learning objectives in all domains of blooms model
    35. Deliver a Training Program using the various training tools & methodologies
    36. Create tools for training evaluation
    37. Evaluate a training program by applying the correct technique