GRE Sample Papers

GRE 2016 Test dates: Candidates are required to open ‘My GRE Account’ in order to check the available GRE Test Dates. You can register for either the computer-based test or the paper-based test. In India, only the computer based format is available for GRE general test. The GRE subject test is available in the paper-based format and the GRE test dates for the subjects vary from the GRE 2016 test dates for GRE general test. The computer-based GRE Test is offered year-round at Prometric test centers. You can take the GRE Test once every 21 days, up to five times within a 12-month period. This applies even if you canceled your scores on a test taken previously. You need to keep the following points in mind while checking GRE 2016 Test Dates.

    1. Create your ‘My GRE Account’ and register. If you are already registered you can just sign in to register.
    2. You are not required to complete the registration process to see available GRE Test Dates and centers.
    3. When selecting a GRE test date, make sure your scores will be reported in time for your application deadlines.
    4. For GRE subject test not all test centers are open on all GRE test dates. The GRE Test Centre List is updated monthly throughout the year.

Click here to find the available GRE test centre and Dates in India here:

Once the GRE account is open candidates are free to register for any available GRE Test Dates. However, for GRE Subject Test you should make sure that the test centre is open on that date.

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Just like there are no GRE 2016 test dates, there is no specific eligibility criterion for taking GRE Test. Aspirants can apply for the test irrespective of age and qualification.The GRE syllabus depends on the type of exam the candidate is sitting for. The syllabus and pattern differ for both the GRE general test and the GRE subject test. Interested candidate can download the sample papers for both the formats of GRE here.

Aspirants who are interested in pursuing a master's degree, specialised master's course, MBA or doctoral degree can sit for the GRE Test. Conducted by ETS, it is a standardized test that is accepted for admission to various disciplines at many graduate schools across the globe.