Twitter Training Program

How Twitter can help your business

People come to Twitter to discover what’s happening in the world right now, to share information instantly, and to connect with people and businesses around the globe.

With hundreds of millions of users and over 500 million Tweets being sent each day, Twitter offers a great opportunity for businesses to reach a global audience of new and existing customers.

No matter what type of business you are — from a large retailer to a freelance designer; from a B2B software provider to a mobile app company — you can use Twitter to build meaningful connections with a relevant and engaged audience. These connections can lead to actions across a network of loyal customers for your business.



have discovered a new small or medium-sized business (SMB) on Twitter*



plan to purchase from the SMBs they follow*



purchased from an SMB because of something they saw on Twitter*

Intro to Twitter for Business

Learn how to compose a Tweet, use a hashtag, and discover conversations related to your business. Once you understand the basics of Twitter you can use the platform to achieve your business goals.

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Create a Twitter profile for your business

Use Twitter to attract and educate potential customers. Every element of your profile — your photo, header image, bio, and pinned Tweet — should reflect your business identity and show the world who you are.

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Twitter followers

If someone follows you on Twitter, they’re opting in to hear more from you. Followers can help your business extend its reach, drive sales, and increase awareness.

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What to Tweet

Need inspiration on what to Tweet? Follow our best practices to create Tweets that spark conversations and keep your audience engaged.

Connect with your customers on Twitter

Follow these best practices to keep your customers happy, engaged, and coming back for more.

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Track your results with Twitter analytics

Use Twitter analytics to view your progress, discover your top influencers, and learn more about your audience. This information can help you understand how to optimize your content and expand your reach.

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